From those who have studied with us

Inspiring. I’ve been meditating for some 35 years. I was amazed at how this approach to meditation brought the practice alive for me—opening new territory for exploration and adding to the vividness of my practice.
— Deborah Boldt, Film Maker/Educator
I’ve been lucky: I’ve studied with a number of great teachers, and Lee is right at the top. His work has transformed the way I meditate, the way I work, and the quality of my life. Lee is insightful, clear, approachable, and down-to-earth. I strongly recommend his work to my colleagues, patients, and to anyone who wants to live daily life in deep connection with their own being.
— Angelique Cook-Lowry, DOM
East meets West. The comprehension of eastern philosophy bridges the gap between the East and the West and makes these concepts understandable to the western mind. Meditation becomes something that you live.
— Marilyn Matthews, MD