Integrative Meditation

Integrative Meditation is a Western adaptation of the ancient eastern wisdom traditions. Rather than focusing on just one approach to meditation, Integrative Meditation introduces a sequence of meditations and exercises, which many people find extremely effective in helping them reach deeper and more awakened states of awareness.

Integrative Meditation teaches students to access the interior of their consciousness to better understand and validate their own experiences. This multi-leveled approach helps address, awaken and integrate the many extraordinarily rich and diverse aspects of our human consciousness. Integrative Meditation seeks to empower people to integrate the vast resources of their meditative minds into everyday life. 

The Foundation

The Foundation for Integrative Meditation was established in 1999 to provide education to the general public in the theory, philosophy and practice of meditation and inner growth. The Foundation provides training for both individuals and groups through one-on-one work, classes, workshops and retreats. The Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization, supported in part by donations from the general public.